Why Choose us?

Our story

Women4Blockchain started as an educational experiment in 2018 with the goal of bringing more women into blockchain space through education.  Throughout the process, we have done 2 Hackathons, met 300 amazing women who are building and trailblazing this world changing technology, connected to over 100 blockchain companies, taught 20 blockchain courses and had a ton of fun.  

Here are some snippets of the press coverage we got with that project to give you a taste of who we are:

Cointelegraph Article

Speaking of Crypto Medium Article

Blockpublisher article

Crypto 101 Podcast with Anna Vladi

On the hills of the success of W4B, we are continuing our mission and building a professional network for women across the globe to have a space where they can connect, support and elevate each other.


Partnership with other groups and networks to get you the most relevant and highly curated events

We are partnering with various accelerators, incubators, blockchain brands even funds as well as professional consulting firms and corporations that are helping women achieve higher goals, earning capacity, funding.


Providing support and opportunities to excel and propel each other

We are targeting women who have had great professional successes and are not in the beginning of their careers, and need richer network to do greater things.